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Issue No. 3: A vision for a more regenerative fashion industry

This spring we’re creating a fashion issue with a focus on regenerative fashion.
Issue No. 3: A vision for a more regenerative fashion industry

Photo via @FashionRevolution

Issue No. 3 is well underway and we have some incredible interviews, content, and collaborations to share with you all.

The Regeneration is more than just a magazine, it's a vision for a brighter and more interconnected future, where business can spearhead change and people can work together to regenerate the planet, rather than soil it. Its permaculture in practice – people working together to help life and our real human economy flourish.

This spring we’re creating a fashion issue with a focus on regenerative fashion. I can't put it better than the team at Fashion Revolution:

"Much of the global fashion industry is opaque, exploitative, and environmentally damaging. It desperately needs revolutionary change. We love fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet. There is a revolution happening to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased so that what the world wears is made in a safe, clean and fair way."

Photo via @FashionRevolution

This issue, we want to get a full understanding of fashion as an industry, from the fancy high brow stuff to the nitty gritty outdoor gear and all the fast fashion nonsense in between. We've been on the hunt for the pulse, from the manufacturers, artisans, brands, and designers to find out what they were building, what they're hoping for and what challenges they saw in their paths.

Inspired by the amazing work done by Fashion Revolution we wanted to create an edition of The Regeneration that would not only inspire readers but also equip them with the tools to act in accordance with their truth. We're all coming at this problem with different perspectives, from gender to style, and at the root of it all we want to feel comfortable and equipped to tackle more problems.

There is so much potential for good to be created from a regenerative apparel and outfitters industry. One that seeks to be durable and simultaneously flexible, ready to be reintroduced to the product life cycle rather than — like most fashion lines — being fleeting. Now more than ever we need to explore regenerative materials and more interconnected ways of doing business so that what we wear and use can be infinitely repurposed or reclaimed as our culture transforms. Things are always tumbling backward and forwards as we look both towards the past and the future for inspiration and trends.

This edition is full of incredible pieces all along the spectrum, from small artisans to big brands. We did our best to paint with the broadest brush strokes of what was happening throughout the industry.

Here is the tentative (but almost final) list of collaborators and what angle they're contributing this spring:

A glance at the entire industry with
Patrick Duffy from Global Fashion Exchange

A breakdown of Climate Change and it's connection to the fashion industry with
Tamsin Lejeune from Common Objective

Then a deep dive into solving it
Orsola de Castro, founder of Fashion Revolution

The manufacturing industry perspective
Jessica Donohue, Project Coordinator, and Katie-Jane Bailey, VP Creative Director, at Corporate Sustainability at Li & Fung Americas

How to restructure global brands and create real corporate sustainability
Laura Hunter from Futerra

The importance of living wages with 
Khandiz, Founder at NovelBeings

The leaders of zero waste fashion
Chelsea Lensing Designs, Contributor
Rachel Faller from Tonlé
Andrea Diodati and Preloved
Daniel Silverstein at Zero Waste Daniel

Bridging artisans and companies with
Rebecca van Bergen, is the Founder and Executive Director
of Nest, a nonprofit bringing transparency, business
development and advocacy to artisans globally.

Closing the loop on fabric recycling
Rachel Kibbe from Helpsy

Connecting luxury brands with a common ethical mission
Amanda Hearst and Hassan Pierre from Maison De Mode

Empowering women with multi-functional clothing
Alysia Reiner, founder of Livari

The preservation of artisan handicraft
Aruña Chong Quiroga at Faburiq

Black-owned sustainable fashion brands with
Dominique Drakeford at MelinASS

The importance of durable goods with
Tara Button, CEO & Founder of BuyMeOnce
Anita Vandyke, at Rocket Science

Innovative and regenerative textiles with
Samuel Barnes from The Regenerates 
Mary Bemis, Founder of Reprise Activewear

The new face of the sharing economy and regenerative fashion with Brooke
Brooke Blashill Senior Vice President, Director of The Boutique at Ogilvy

And some of the brands with truly regenerative business models
Allie from Hara The Label + Kelli from Basal 
Brian Linton, Founder & CEO of United By Blue
Bill Johnston at Recover Brands
Dustin and Harry, Founders of Arvin Goods

Blogging, leadership, and grassroots revitalization of the Richmond fashion scene with
Kelly from The Good Wear Blog


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For a deeper dive into the fashion problem before this new edition of The Regeneration is published, we highly recommend checking out the documentary The True Cost and Fashion Revolutions Fanzine #002: LOVED CLOTHES LAST.




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